Modern Software Boutique
Expert React, ReactNative, Ng2, Node, .NET, Java, Mobile and Cloud
Consulting, Mentoring and Development
Supreme full-stack multi-platform technical expertise with a holistic approach
Mobile & Desktop
Multi and Cross-platform apps. SPAs, Hybrid and Native.
Frontend Ninjas
Unmatched capabilities with JS & CSS, React and Ng2
Cloud & NoSQL
Highly scalable service oriented cloud architectures.
Solid Server
Linux & Windows. Bullet-proof .NET, Java and Node back-ends.
Lightweight, transparent and flexible process and approach.
Best Practices
Apply latest best practices mixed with tons of experience.
Always on the forefront, streaming new tools and ideas.
Clean, consistent, beautiful - above and below surface.
Core Values
We LOVE our profession as much as we take it seriously

Strive for technical excellence and quality

Value simplicity and minimalism

Maintain complete transparency

Deliver and get fast feedback

Establish a long term partnership

Be driven by product and business

Hand Picked Team

Each one in the team is a highly talented and experienced developer committed to following code & design best practices and to producing unmatched quality. We all master both server and client (html and native) technologies and in a wide range of platforms. While highly technical, we also take pride in us being product, business and delivery oriented.

Stream of New Ideas

At Welldone, the sum is even bigger then its really great parts. Our experts always work as a team and on several projects in parallel; they are not just 'outsourced', they become part of a customer's working force. This model ensures that we never lose our edge, and that you as a customer get constant transfusions of new possibilities and technologies from a highly talented and innovative team that is always on the technological front.

Latest Work
We have delivered tons of projects. Here is a glimpse of our latest
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What Customers Say
Roy Sheinfeld
Co-founder and CTO at has been working with Well Done Solutions for the past decade and it has been a true partnership from the beginning. Their unique team of top-notch, full-stack developers enabled to meet its business objectives and deliver high-grade applications to the very demanding enterprise market. We chose Welldone Software to lead the Mobile product line development, and were very impressed with their use of cutting-edge technologies (specifically Sencha Touch) and the unprecedented quality of delivery. Moreover, this team of software professionals was able to seamlessly integrate with’s product team and to bring our internal development processes to new levels. We’re continuing our fruitful relationship with Welldone Software and won’t miss any opportunity to strengthen our partnership in the future.

Menny Rachmanny
Software Architect at Anodot

Welldone software brought to our company a very strong combination of capabilities: implementing a solid and scalable architecture, being a technical partner on a wide scale of subjects, knowing everything there is to know about the latest software engineering trends, frameworks and tools. But most importantly, reliability - someone we know will always be there in everyday features and hectic times. With Welldone software we gained more value and functionality than we could have ever expected. To summarize, Welldone software helped us deliver a great and robust product on a tight schedule no one believed was possible. Welldone!

Yaron Leifenberg
Co-founder and CTO at Funtactix

Funtactix is a leading publisher of online and mobile computer games. We develop the official games for Hollywood films such as Mission Impossible and The Hunger Games. Welldone Software Solutions accompany Funtactix over many year and have become part of the Funtactix family. Their enormous contribution to the design and construction of our server platform and our applications serving millions of players around the world is one of the reasons for our success. We were always impressed by the quality of the people in Welldone. Their professionalism, creativity, ability to learn and deliver and their high level of accessibility and service are of the highest standards and make working with them the obvious choice for us.

Our essence is our people, and our future is our customers

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